Great Lakes Yacht Club

Naval Station, Great Lakes



Base Access

Because of enhanced security procedures new access rules are in force. Guests at this time are still allowed but they must be accompanied by a pass holder & fill in a vetting form before they can be issued a day pass. This is obtainable from Badge and Pass (visitor center). Please contact Building 160 at 847-688-2110 or Marina at 847-688-5417 for details

Coast Guard no longer monitoring 121 MHz EPIRBS click for details

Interesting small boat voyage around the British Isles web site

Here is an interesting site I came across in Small Boat Advisor magazine.  It’s about a chap called Dylan Winters who decided to buy a small, cheap old sailboat and sail around the British Isles, going up the rivers and creeks.  He is doing it over several years.  Fascinating stuff; visiting all sorts of interesting places with lots of sailing videos to watch.  Dylan is a BBC presenter and professional videographer so the production quality is high.